“The True Essence of the Funk is the Power of the One”

The power of the one. That’s what Bootsie Collins was talking about in a recent interview on WNYC. He was speaking of his latest album of the same name. Bootsie’s 69. I felt he’d been around so long he had to be older – or even dead. But he is exceptionally alive, and generous andContinue reading ““The True Essence of the Funk is the Power of the One””

“Joy and Pain Are Like Sunshine and Rain”*

Well a whole bunch of us just felt like Whitney Houston in Waiting to Exhale. I mean just because we exhaled, not because we sing like her, or that her character in the movie is all that applicable. Because her man never left his marriage for her, but we just somehow got out of oneContinue reading ““Joy and Pain Are Like Sunshine and Rain”*”

Whose City Is It?

Politics is not a bad word in and of itself. It started out meaning “affairs of the cities” when Aristotle first introduced the term, politik√°. But we all know how powerful connotations are, and the word has become burdened with an identity of contention, greed, and backroom dealing. When we don’t get a promotion weContinue reading “Whose City Is It?”