When Do the Rest of Us Get to Spike the Ball?

The people across the driveway are having a party and I’m not even mad. It’s nice to hear people having fun. I am guessing it’s a Super Bowl party, though it doesn’t sound like everyone is exactly glued to the TV. Reggaet├│n is playing loud, and right now some folks are singing along. There areContinue reading “When Do the Rest of Us Get to Spike the Ball?”

How Long Before We Move On?

Phillis Wheatley is a poet who many of us learn about in school. Especially during Black History Month, when select African-American literature is typically trotted out, and then just as summarily, returned to its hiding place for another year. In case you are not familiar with her, Phillis Wheatley was a West African poet (Continue reading “How Long Before We Move On?”

What We’re Still Doing to Black People in this Country: MLK Day 2021

Last night I watched two documentaries: one on Ulysses S. Grant, and another on Tiger Woods. One man attempted to stop the lynching of recently freed people, while the other was fetishized as an African American and then virtually lynched when he did not keep up with the expectations of his White fetishizers. On thisContinue reading “What We’re Still Doing to Black People in this Country: MLK Day 2021”

Things I don’t want to write about today: The attack on the Capitol Fools who take selfies of themselves committing crimes. The Black woman who was attacked in LA during a Trump rally. (Thank God she survived). The selfishness, greed, and complicit silence of the majority of politicians. COVID Selfish, ignorant people who think theContinue reading

Sharing is Caring – for Ourselves

I’ve been trying to put my finger, as they say, on exactly what it is I have been missing during the pandemic. What am I really in need of? After all, I have quite wonderful shelter, more than enough food, and — since September — consistent sunshine. But I was sitting in my living roomContinue reading “Sharing is Caring – for Ourselves”