Things I don’t want to write about today:

  1. The attack on the Capitol
  2. Fools who take selfies of themselves committing crimes.
  3. The Black woman who was attacked in LA during a Trump rally. (Thank God she survived).
  4. The selfishness, greed, and complicit silence of the majority of politicians.
  5. COVID
  6. Selfish, ignorant people who think the pandemic is not real — or at least not so serious — and are now taking up space in very real hospitals.
  7. The LA Rams, and pro football in general. You lost me after what you did to Kaepernick.
  8. Insecurity, manifesting as self-aggrandizement, that others are forced to listen to. (Watch Brian Regan’s “Me Monster” stand-up routine on YouTube ).
  9. White men in general. (There are some wonderful ones, but I’m tired of the demographic in general).
  10. White women. (See above).

Things that would be refreshing to write about:

  1. Mountains, when the light hits them just right, and they seem like the stillest, most beautiful thing there could be.
  2. Silence, at least a semblance thereof.
  3. Love.
  4. Poetry (the good stuff).
  5. African-American voices.
  6. The way my cat is the one creature I spend time with who doesn’t know how bad things are.
  7. God and the way He provides strength through our faith, love and service.
  8. Spirituality — the understanding that it’s really not about us. (See previous #8).
  9. Unfamiliar flowers and the joy of learning their names.
  10. The joy my children bring me, however far or near they may be.

There have just been so many words written this week, ideas consumed, I don’t feel like adding to the weight. Do we really need one more opinion or perspective? Probably not. I hope this week shows you some peace, provides a shred of love for all inhabitants of the earth, and adds something fun, too. Good Sunday all.

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